Does Lifting Weights Increase the Risk of Abdominal and Groin Hernias?

Abdominal and groin hernias occur when an organ such as the bowel pushes through the muscular wall containing it. Robert Fitzgibbons and Armour Forse from Creighton University School of Medicine in Omaha, Nebraska, concluded that strength training does not increase the risk of hernia and that the incidence of hernia was no higher in weightlifters than other people. Hernias are more common in men than women. Hernias resulting in intestinal strangulation require emergency surgery, but people with minor or absent symptoms can get by with watchful waiting. The majority of people with these hernias will eventually require surgery. Uncomplicated hernias can be repaired under local anesthesia, but more serious hernias require general anesthesia and have more side effects.

Source: New England Journal Of Medicine, 372: 756-763, 2015

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