High-Rep Kettlebell Snatches Build Aerobic Capacity

A kettlebell is a large iron ball connected to a handle. There is nothing new about kettlebells.  In the age before steroids, 19th-century strongmen such as Arthur Saxon, Eugene Sandow and Ivan Poddubny used them to build lean, powerful, lightning-fast physiques that allowed them to perform incredible feats of strength and athleticism. The kettlebell snatch is a key exercise in kettlebell training routines. The exercise appears simple, but requires coordinated, linked contractions of the thigh, butt, core and upper body muscles to do it properly. A study from San José State University led by Jonathan Asher Falatic and Peggy Plato found that a high-rep kettlebell workout (15 seconds of snatches followed by 15 seconds of rest for 20 minutes) improved aerobic capacity by 6 percent. For comparison, a control group practiced circuit training and made no improvement in aerobic capacity. Kettlebell workouts can potentially develop strength and aerobic fitness that will improve athletic performance. (Journal Strength Conditioning Research, 29: 1943-1947, 2015)

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