Super Bowl Workout & Diet

49ers CB Tarell Brown’s Early Routine

Super Bowl Workout & Diet- 49ers CB Tarell Brown’s Early Routine
Arriving at the team training facility early in the morning, Tarell Brown sets his sights on warming up with some cardio to get the blood flowing before hitting the weights. One of the starting cornerbacks of the San Francisco 49ers, he knows that a full day of meetings and practice awaits.

“I like to get it (his workout) in early when I’m not as fatigued,” the seventh-year veteran says. “I’m more energized in the morning and I want to peak at the right time. After practice, my body is drained.”

So after 30 minutes on the elliptical, Brown gets down to some lifting and his weekly routine is broken down as follows:

Tuesdaylower body (compound movements)
Wednesdayupper body (compound movements)
Thursday – lower body (auxiliary lifts, lighter weight)
Friday – upper body (auxiliary lifts, lighter weight)

On the first two days of his four-day split, Brown will perform exercises such as squats, bench press, etc. When the same body parts are repeated later in the week, he will stick with the movements that help his flexibility and some position-specific explosive ones.

“I also like to shock my body by changing things up all the time (exercise-wise),” added Brown.

Once the weight training portion of his day is complete, Brown eats breakfast before the first team meeting and this is the only meal that includes carbs. “This works best for me,” he explains. “I feel lighter and more explosive and carbs weigh you down.”

He has been following this method for five years and counting and has been a starter since 2011, missing only nine games since being drafted in the fifth round of the 2007 NFL Draft out of Texas.

His main diet consists of low carbs and high protein, which fish is a large part of. He eats clean and stays away from fried foods and his nutritionist send him basic vitamins and minerals to keep his body right.

Brown also sees a chiropractor and massage therapist two times a week each, getting stretched out and adjusted. This will be key for him as the Niners are expected to go deep into the playoffs and possibly more, with them being the defending NFC champions after playing in Super Bowl XLVII last February.

“When you have your mind on a certain goal, do it day in and day out…it’s a good feeling.”

And it all starts bright and early in the gym.

Be sure to follow Tarell Brown on Twitter. He is also very active in charities, such as his own Brown Kid’s Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that aims to improve the quality of life for disadvantaged youth while creating an environment of care and support in areas of education, education of poverty and disparity.

Brown holds events regularly throughout the year, including his annual free football and cheer camp. The next event will be over Thanksgiving, when Tarell will be handing out money and turkey baskets to needy families in the Dallas, Texas area.

Always with an eye on fashion and trends, Tarell started his own line of T-shirts and hoodies with the motto “STUT,” which stands for Stronger Than You Think.” He knows this motto transcends the football field and is a motivator for everyone.

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