The Jeff Hardy Workout

With the TNA Always Evolve App

The Jeff Hardy Workout - The Jeff Hardy Workout
Climbing to the top rope, TNA Impact! Wrestling’s Jeff Hardy readies himself for one of his patented finishing moves. His opponent lies prone in the center of the ring, totally unaware that he is about to be defeated. Hardy propels himself from high above and into a Swanton Bomb for the three count, getting his hand raised once again by the referee for the victory.

The Jeff Hardy Workout - The Jeff Hardy WorkoutAnd wouldn’t you know it, anyone out there can do the same exact workout that Hardy does and have “him” walk you through it.

The Jeff Hardy Workout - The Jeff Hardy WorkoutWith the brand new TNA Always Evolve app, even beginners can get themselves into fighting shape with the three-day –a-week program you can access on your smart phone and/or tablet wherever you go.

“It takes about 40 to 50 minutes a day and there are three levels – easy, average and intense,” says Hardy. “You profile yourself so if you have bad knees or a bad back, it will automatically modify the workouts to fit your needs. I did all the voiceovers on it, too”

Pro trainer Larry Johnston created the program and approached Hardy during one of the TNA Impact! Wrestling shows. In no time, the athletic grappler was convinced and here we are.

“Each (session) is a full body workout with a characterization of me on the screen,” the past multiple champion says. “For the most part, you use just your own body weight. But it also has some exercises that require a set of dumbbells. It’s a lot of push ups, jumping jacks and core movements.

“It even gives you water breaks and reminds you to pace yourself.”

Besides the workout portion, TNA Always Evolve doesn’t forget about something that Hardy places even higher on the totem poll of importance. “Nutrition is number one, so if you’re going to commit to this, you have to eat right,” he explains. “There are diets to follow and it pushes you to stick to it. It tells you to reward yourself once a week.”

The app also has an area for personal goals so that the user can keep track of his or her progress and modify them as necessary.

Being on the road so much can be a burden for someone trying to stay in shape like Hardy, but he makes no excuses nor expects anyone else to, for that matter.

“You’re in your hotel room, just pop the app up every day and get it done. I always start my day with it.”

In an occupation where major injuries and surgeries are as common as band aids, Hardy must be doing something right. “I have never had to undergo any surgery in my life,” he says. “I’ve had some bumps and bruises along the way and my neck gets sore from whiplashing myself. When that happens, I tone it down a bit.”

To prevent injuries, Hardy makes sure to do a lot of stretching and ices his lower back right after every match. By being so physically fit, he can keep doing what he does best. In an illustrious career that began back in the mid-1990s, Hardy actually considers one of the more recent moments as his proudest.

“At last year’s ‘Bound For Glory’ against Austin Aries for the TNA world title,” he answered. “I’ve been through so much the last few years and it was a great night. My daughter (now three years of age) was there and afterwards said to me, ‘Daddy’s a champion.’”

Even big tough wrestlers have a soft spot for special memories like that.

TNA Always Evolve app is available in the iTunes store and is only $1.99.

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Photos: Lee Southern/ TNA Entertainment

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