The TRX Suspension Trainer: Quick Core Toning

The TRX Suspension Trainer Workout

The TRX Suspension Trainer: Quick Core ToningThe basic workout recommended by TRX consists of a warm up followed by 12 exercises done continuously for 60 seconds, each followed by 20 seconds of rest. Exercises include the single-leg squad, balance lunge, hamstring curl, hip abduction, chest press, back row, “Y” deltoid raise, biceps curl, triceps curl, pull through, oblique leg raise and suspended crunch. Intensity is progressive. Increasing the load depends on the capacity to maintain good posture and do the movements smoothly.

While this program sounds like a traditional bodybuilder’s muscle isolation workout, each exercise develops total-body fitness and helps stabilize the core. Increase the intensity of each exercise by moving more rapidly or explosively, changing body position to increase load, or doing exercises on one leg to decrease stability.

Fitness Anywhere, the maker of TRX, designed a series of workouts that concentrate on the core muscles. The basic workout includes exercises such as standing back extensions, kneeling rollout, leg raises, suspended openly crunch, suspended side plank and reaching V-sit. People attempt to do each exercise for 15-30 seconds and build up to 60 seconds. The advance program includes exercises such as high rotation, suspended high, oblique leg raise, supine bicycle, suspended pendulum and resisted roll up. As in the beginning workout, people do each exercise for 15-30 seconds and gradually increase the time to 1 minute.

The TRX training program emphasizes muscle endurance, which is vital to core fitness and back health. It is less effective than powerlifting or Olympic lifting for building strength and power. Many athletes who play football, baseball or the throwing events in track and field can often lift massive amounts of weight in the bench press or squat. They are, however, often deficient in muscle endurance and core strength, which is also vital to their performance. The TRX Suspension Trainer is not an end all, comprehensive exercise device. However, it is a valuable piece of equipment that complements other kinds of exercise and helps you get a good workout almost anywhere.

Where to Buy the TRX and Other Suspension Training Devices

The TRX Suspension Trainer: Quick Core ToningThe TRX is a quality, reasonably priced piece of exercise equipment. The basic package is called the TRX Professional, which sells for $150 and is available on their website ( and at sporting goods stores. It includes the TRX Suspension Trainer, instructional DVD, suspension anchor and laminated exercise guide. You can also purchase an optional door or wall mount. They offer other packages for slightly more money that includes specialized training programs for the military or specific sports (e.g., golf) and packages with the door mount included.

Redcord is a suspension-training device developed in Norway that is currently used principally by physical therapists. Their training methods are more involved than the TRX system and include use of vibration training and supported suspension. The Redcord website has extensive scientific information on the value of suspension training and specific exercise programs (see

Suspension exercise devices such as the TRX are important weapons in your training arsenal. They build strength, power, flexibility and endurance using whole-body training methods. The TRX is relatively inexpensive, high-quality and extremely portable. You can take it anywhere, so now you have no excuse for missing a workout.

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