Training on the Road

Busy Traveling Schedule? No Excuse

Training on the Road - Busy Traveling Schedule? No Excuse
The built-in excuse to skip the gym for many a corporate executive is that they travel too much. Not enough time away from board room meetings, the hotel gym isn’t worth going to…yadda, yadda, yadda. But the only one you’re fooling is yourself if that has been part of your bullshit.

Professional wrestlers travel more than anyone and they not only have to find the time and place to work out, but also eat right and get enough rest, as well. So Mr. Suit and Tie off the rack, tell your story to someone who gives a shit!

Robbie E of TNA Impact! Wrestling makes sure to get his training in, regardless if he’s running outside in the parking lot or doing crunches in his hotel room. You work with what is available and don’t complain. But at the same time, train smart so that you can avoid injury and keep up a steady pace.

Here are a few of Robbie’s training ‘rules,’ if you will:

1 – Perform 1-to-3 sets of 4-to-6 exercises for the upper body and not more than 12 exercises in any single workout.

2 – Select a resistance for each exercise that allows you to do between 10 and 15 repetitions. Some may need 15-to-20 reps, while lower reps may also be used at certain times.

3 – Continue each exercise until no additional positive repetitions in good form are possible. When 15 or more reps are performed, increase the resistance by approximately 5% the next workout. Go for overload.

4 – Work the largest muscles first and move quickly from one exercise to the next. This procedure develops cardiovascular endurance.

5 – Concentrate on flexibility by slowly stretching during the first couple of reps.

6 – Accentuate the lower (negative) portion of each rep. If the weight stack is banging, then you have lost control.

7 – Move slower- never faster – if in doubt about the speed of an exercise.

8 – Do everything possible to isolate and work each large muscle group to momentary overload. And don’t hold your breath!

9 – Constantly attempt to increase the number of reps or the amount of weight or both, but do not sacrifice form in an attempt to produce results. Train safe! Your goal should be to exceed the prior workout’s performance in as many movements as you can.

10 – Train no more than three times a week and avoid overtraining.

11 – Keep accurate records (date, resistance, reps, etc.) of each workout.

12 – Use any equipment that you have – machines or free weights – but the main point is safety. The muscles do not have brains that tell them if you are using one or the other, they only know resistance. The myth that free weights are better than properly developed machines is just that – a myth! Use advanced High Intensity Training principles sparingly, such as: breakdowns, pre-exhaust, negative only, negative accentuated, 3X3’s, 3-‘s day, forced reps and more.

Here are a few of the workouts that Robbie performs, with some comments from him on each:

Training on the Road - Busy Traveling Schedule? No Excuse*RUN (3 miles to 10K, 45 minutes)

“You pick your speed…walk, jog or run.”

*CRUNCH (1 set, 50 reps)

“You can lie on your back with your feet flat on the floor, or resting on a bench with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. If you’re on the bench, give three or four inches space between your feet.”

*CRUNCH-OBLIQUE (1 set, 25 reps)

“This will work the side area. They can be done in either of the ways the regular crunch can, but you do one side at a time – right hand on right ear and roll up to the left. And vice versa.”

*INCLINE FLYES WITH A TWIST (1 set, 14 reps with 35-pounds dumbbells)

“At the top of the movement, twist your arms inward so that your two pinky fingers come close together.”

*ARNOLD PRESSES (1 set, 14 reps with 35-pound dumbbells)

“Start out holding the dumbbells with your palms facing inward and then twist them out at the top of the movement.”

*ROPE TRICEPS PUSHDOWN (1 set, 14 reps, 60 pounds)

“Pull the rope attachment apart as far as you can at the bottom of the movement.”

*PEC DECK (1 set, 14 reps, 90 pounds)

“Hold the pads together at the finishing part of the movement for a second or two.”

*LAT PULLDOWN (1 set, 14 reps, 120 pounds)

“I prefer to do these with a wide grip and pull the bar down in front of me rather than behind my head. Keep your back still without arching, swinging or curving it.”

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