1,000-Rep Ripped Abs Challenge

Are You Ready for a Six-Pack?

We all like a good challenge, and we all love a great ripped abs workout, right? Awesome. I’ve combined the two of them to give you the 1,000-Rep Ripped Abs Challenge.

This has been my go-to for abs for a long time now. I hate having to think about my workout, and this ripped abs workout just flat-out “works.”

Get your workout partner, family member or whoever wants to join you and do this challenge, either before or after your workout.

How You Do It

• Remember the number 10— that’s how many reps you will do at each move
• Hit 10 reps at move 1
• Immediately go to move 2 and hit 10 reps
• Hit 10 reps at each move
• Go back to move 1 and repeat for 10 rounds

Yep, add it up and you get 1,000 reps of abs done!

Time yourself and see how fast you can do this.

The Moves

1. V-Ups
2. Plank Walk-Ups
3. Straight Leg Lifts
4. Hip Heists
5. Alternate Leg V-Ups
6. Plank Jacks
7. Knee Up Sit-Ups (2 each side)
8. Donkey Kicks
9. Bicycles (each side)
10. Seated Back Strokes

As you can see, there are a lot of moves in this workout. My suggestion is to get a piece of paper, whiteboard or any type of sign you can see during the workout. Something you can just glance over at to remind you.

Set the timer, do the moves, get 1,000 reps and then be ready to start seeing those abs poke out in the mirror!

Chase It!

Ben Boudro, MS, CSCS

Ben Boudro is a former Division I college wrestler, fitness junkie, husband, dad and dog lover with a passion for fitness through strength and conditioning. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with a bachelor’s and Master of Science degree in kinesiology, and the owner of Xceleration Fitness. Ben has helped millions of people unleash their inner beast through fitness, take control of their lives and believes: “The sky is the limit, and I live my life to one common theme: You can either wait for success to come to you or you can chase it … CHASE IT!” Instagram Twitter Facebook benboudro.com

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