Bleacher Workout Challenge

Full-Body Core Training to Get Ripped

You know those bleachers at your local high school that’s right down the road from you? It doesn’t have to be football season in order for us to use those seats. In fact, you can sculpt your entire body, spend some time outside and get some good energy going through your body by doing this bleacher workout challenge!

The Moves

There are four different moves in this bleacher workout. To keep things simple, you will go for 35 seconds at each move, then immediately go to the next movement. Each move is full body, and will light up your core.

Be sure to take your time with each movement and regress where needed, so that you can maintain your form throughout the workout.

Here are the moves:
1. Back Lunge Bleacher Hops
2. RFE [rear foot elevated] Squats
3. Bleacher Mt. Climb
4. Burpee + 10 Foot Taps

How You Do It

Round 1: 35 seconds at each move
Round 2: 35 seconds at each move
Round 3: 35 seconds at each move
Round 4: 25 seconds at each move
Round 5: 25 seconds at each move

The first three rounds are longer so that you can get used to the moves. In the last two rounds, the time is shortened so that you can really go all out and get that high-intensity effect that this workout can provide.

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Chase It!

Ben Boudro, MS, CSCS

Ben Boudro is a former Division I college wrestler, fitness junkie, husband, dad and dog lover with a passion for fitness through strength and conditioning. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with a bachelor’s and Master of Science degree in kinesiology, and the owner of Xceleration Fitness. Ben has helped millions of people unleash their inner beast through fitness, take control of their lives and believes: “The sky is the limit, and I live my life to one common theme: You can either wait for success to come to you or you can chase it … CHASE IT!” Instagram Twitter Facebook

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