Want Bigger Biceps?

Use Cables for Shirt-Splitting Pumps

Like most guys, fitness model and personal trainer Tyler McPeak’s favorite muscle group to train are his biceps. There’s nothing more satisfying than crushing some curls and seeing the sleeve-splitting pump for yourself. He has untapped his own bicep-building potential, and now he has some unique advice to fire up yours.

Blast Your Biceps With Cables with Tyler McPeak


Because he is 6’3” with very long limbs it took him 12 years to figure out the system that works to stimulate his peaks. The key to bulging biceps is to figure out what works for you, and stick with it until you achieve satisfying results. Don’t rush the process.

Blast Your Biceps With Cables with Tyler McPeak


Tyler trains bis twice a week, and some weeks he’ll even throw a third day in. In certain instances this could be overtraining, but if your biceps growth has been stagnant, an increase in volume can give them the jolt that they need.

Blast Your Biceps With Cables with Tyler McPeak


The first time they get attacked is the start of the week at the end of my chest workout. Second time is when I train them along with triceps mid-week. And lastly, if I’m going to train them for a third time it will usually be on Saturday after my shoulder workout.” Tyler’s third workout on Saturday is just two exercises to get blood flowing through the muscle.

Blast Your Biceps With Cables with Tyler McPeak


In order to build his biceps to their full potential, Tyler doesn’t stick to a typical routine. “ I like to train with a variety of rep ranges to build strength and endurance within the muscle.” Igniting those fast and slow-twitch muscle fibers by changing up the range of reps will undoubtedly stimulate the crazy growth you’ve been looking for.


Exercise Sets Reps
Close-Grip Cambered Bar Cable Curl
10 reps full-range of motion, 10 reps partial top-half of motion
4 20
Seated High-Rope Curl
Twist at bottom for a strong contraction
3 15
Seated Cambered Bar Cable Curl
Plus two drop sets on last set to failure
4 10
Standing One Arm High Curl                           3 15-20
Lying Down Cable Forehead Curls
Squeeze at the top for a 2-3 second peak contraction
3 12


Tyler McPeak

Tyler McPeak is a celebrity trainer and fitness model. Born and raised in Roanoke, VA and now lives in Nashville,TN. Tyler grew up playing baseball and basketball but it wasn't until he turned 18 after he was finished with sports that he found his true passion in the fitness industry. With 10 years of training experience he shares his knowledge with workouts, nutrition and supplementation. Feel free to contact Tyler on any of the following sites: Facebook Instagram Twitter

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