Fit to the Core!

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One of the greatest challenges for any man is to be ripped, lean and to have a six-pack that looks like it was carved from granite. Getting to that point of exceptional physical condition takes a lot of effort and discipline; if it were easy, every guy would look that way. To those who would like to unlock the midsection mystery of getting lean and staying that way, behold Casey Christopher— a top fitness cover model, champion Men’s Physique athlete, stylist/barber and athlete at Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. Before we head to the gym for his workout (which will post on Thursday), Casey took the time to speak with FitnessRx for Men about how he maintains a jaw-dropping midsection 24/7, how he balances work and training, and where great abs really begin— the kitchen.

Fit to the Core! - High-Intensity, Ab-Shredding Workout With Casey Christopher

What’s your advice for guys who want to drop some pounds and get a ripped midsection?
“It starts in the kitchen! Diet is the main component when it comes to getting completely ripped. My advice is to do your research on what the proper diet for you body would be or if you can afford to, get a certified coach/nutritionist who can help you achieve your goals the correct way. Then, it just comes down to hard work and discipline— there is no secret answer to achieve that dream midsection.”

Are there days when you don’t feel like training? What do you do?
“Yes, I am human and there are definitely days where my willingness and heart are tested. And if I’m being transparent, there have been a lot of days when I have fallen short, but those days I can count on two hands. When those days happen, I do a couple of things to snap me out of it. First, I pray and ask for the strength to push myself so I can be greater today than I was yesterday. Second, I call or text a close friend, my father and/or some of my mentors just to receive some positive energy. Third, I go on YouTube and watch motivational videos and get myself in the zone. Lastly, I talk to myself and sometimes it’s in the third person, and I get myself fired up.”

Who are your role models, and why?
“My role models are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Eric Thomas, Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) and Tony Robbins. I look up to these guys not only because I admire the level of success they have achieved, but because of the impact they have had on the world. One of my goals is to achieve the same level of success and impact on the world as these men have.”

How do you manage your time, between training, nutrition and work?
“It’s extremely hard sometimes to manage my time, because my schedule is very busy and extremely demanding. I have a routine that I created over the past two years that works for me. Organizational skills did not come naturally to me; I had to learn them first and practice them daily. One of my biggest mentors, Marc Effron, helped me create the routine I have today. The routine consists of making daily to-do lists, I set alarms on my phone to remind me when to eat, when to take my supplements, when to train and at 1:00 p.m. every day, I remind myself to thank God for everything I have in my life today!”

“Because my work schedule for modeling is constantly changing and new projects or photo shoots are always coming, I just adjust and plan as things come. With my clients for hairstyling and barbering, I schedule them on days I am available and with my clients I train and coach, I speak with them daily and every Sunday to make plans for the week ahead. It’s a lot to manage and some days are harder than others, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am truly blessed.”

Fit to the Core! - High-Intensity, Ab-Shredding Workout With Casey Christopher

Protein (g) Carbs (g) Fats (g) Calories
Meal 1
 Steak (4 oz)  31  0  10  221
 1 large whole egg  12.6  .8  9.6  144
 Oatmeal (1 cup)  10  50  5  240
 Total for Meal:  53.6  50.8  24.6  605
Supplements: Multivitamin, fish oil, CLA, probiotics, fat burner (HydroxyElite or Synadrene by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals)
 Meal 2
 Chicken breast (8 oz) 45  0 5.1 236
 White rice (1 cup) 4.3 45 0  206
 Broccoli (8 florets) 1  8 0 60
 Total for Meal: 49.3  53  5.1 472
Supplements: Fish oil, L-Carnitine, B complex, vitamin D3
Meal 3
Chicken breast (8 oz) 45 0 5.1 236
Broccoli (8 florets) 1 8 0 60
Total for Meal: 46 8 5.1 296
Meal 4 (pre-workout)
Top sirloin beef (8 oz) 55 0 15 371
Avocado (1 cup) 5 18 23 275
White rice (1 cup) 4.3 45 0 206
Total for Meal: 64.3 63 38 852

Pre-workout formula: Mesomorph from APS or Hi-Tech’s Jack’D Up

Intra-workout drink: Chain’D Reaction from APS

Meal 5 (post-workout)
Top sirloin beef  (8 oz) 55 0 15 371
White rice (1 cup) 4.3 45 0 206
Broccoli (8 florets) 1 8 5.1 60
Total for Meal: 60.3 53 20.1 637
Meal 6
Casein shake 50 2 2 200
Peanut butter (1 tbsp) 4 4 8 95
Total for Meal: 54 6 10 295
Daily Total: 325.2 233.8 102.9 3,157

Casey’s Favorites

Song. “My favorite song changes frequently, but it is currently ‘Universe’ by Don Diablo feat. Emeni.

Quote. “A man must be defined by his priorities, not by his desires. His actions define his priorities …”

Accomplishments. “My biggest accomplishments to date are landing the cover for Muscular Development magazine and Inside Fitness Magazine, which were published in the same month, this past August 2017.”

Foods and/or cheat meals. “I am a burger connoisseur, so my favorite cheat meal is an Artisan burger with sweet potato fries.”

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Facebook: Casey Christopher
Facebook: Casey Christopher – Fitness Model

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Look for Casey’s High-Intensity, Ab-Shredding Workout on Thursday.

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