Recycled Percussion Meets NASCAR

Unlikely Pair: The Justin Spencer & Mark Martin Workout

Recycled Percussion Meets NASCAR - Unlikely Pair: The Justin Spencer & Mark Martin Workout
One is a musician/entertainer headlining Las Vegas showrooms. The other is a veteran NASCAR driver. Just how this pair came to being workout partners is a unique story, indeed, and one that also shows how different paths of life can be intertwined with a common goal, in this case, fitness.

Recycled Percussion Meets NASCAR - Unlikely Pair: The Justin Spencer & Mark Martin Workout“Mark Martin and I both believe that fitness is instrumental in living life at the highest level,” says Justin Spencer, who formed the junk rock band Recycled Percussion in 1994. “We are both in opposite careers, but in the gym we are both ass kickers,” added Spencer. “He’s incredible.”

The two met at one of Martin’s NASCAR races and became friends after a short while. “I went to see him perform and got to see the amazing show that he puts on,” Martin says, “and all the positive messages he puts out to the people and was amazed. He truly tries to inspire people to live better lives.”

Even with both of their taxing schedules, Spencer and Martin meet up once a month and work out together. “Mark has a private gym and I have traveled across the country a few times to train with him there,” explains Spencer. They even stay in contact weekly to exchange training and nutritional information.

Although their goals may differ, thus unlikely training duo gets to bounce ideas off one another. For Spencer (who is very active on stage), his actual weekly regimen may differ from Martin’s. But it all comes together in the end, as health and fitness is a complex – yet simple – lifestyle.

“My show is all based around the quick twitch muscles,” Spencer comments, “which includes fast and explosive movements with my arms. So I try to always keep that in mind with my workouts, sprints, quick rest in between sets and higher reps. I have found that the quicker I get my heart rate up during the workout, the greater the benefit throughout it and that translates to the stage.

“I perform 400 shows a year and they are extremely physical,” continued Spencer. “So I try to get my workouts in as soon as I can in the mornings to allow my muscles to reset by show time.”

Martin’s goal of endurance is not unlike that of his friend and he follows a program designed for him by The Strength Guys. “I’m 5’5” and 125 pounds, so my rep range is wide (from 15 down to three) and the rest period is between 30 and 60 seconds,” says Martin.

When it comes to nutrition, both Martin and Spencer follow clean diets and that has been a major plus in their programs. “I eat every day as if it were the most important one in my career,” Martin says. “A typical day includes approximately 200 grams of protein, 250 grams of carbs and 65 grams of mostly healthy fats. The major source of carbs comes from sweet potatoes, oatmeal and vegetables.”

Spencer’s main course usually includes the old bodybuilding favorite – chicken and rice – and he is not a big supplement guy. “To be honest, I haven’t found one that I feel gives me any workout advantage,” he admits. “I seem to do the same with or without them.”

Two men. Two careers. Two lives. But one in the same when it comes to staying on top of your game.

Joe Pietaro

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