High Intensity for Executive Power

With James Grage, the CEO of Fitness

“This isn’t just a hobby for me. It’s a way of life,” says James Grage, co-founder and vice president of BPI Sports. When you helped start one of the biggest and most successful supplement companies on the planet, it makes total sense to have one of the tools of the trade— a place to work out— on sight.

“I arrive at the office at 8:00 a.m. and hit the gym for 45 minutes of cardio,” he says, also noting that said gym is located inside his company’s home base.

“We walk the walk here,” the Grage explains. “We do have a culture at BPI, and the people here train at our gym and bring in their food with them from home.”

High Intensity for Executive Power With James Grage, the CEO of Fitness

After the cardio, showering and eating his first of his six or seven meals, the 5’10”, 175-pound Grage meets with different departments (graphics, social media, marketing, video editing, etc.). “It’s a great office environment,” he says with a proud grin. “The people here are go-getters and have a passion for what they do.

By 2:00 p.m., Grage finds himself back in the gym for workout number two of the day. “I have to balance my time,” he says. “I don’t expect to get it all in and be undisturbed. Business comes first.”

A 40-minute, high-intensity weight-training session keeps Grage in great shape and he goes immediately into a cardio-based movement (such as jumping rope) once a set is completed. “If you let yourself get still, it ruins your momentum,” he says. “This also helps me burn even more calories.”

But once his workout is completed, it’s back to the grind for Grage and his “teammates.” (“I never use the word, ‘employee,’” he says.)

“I like to call it ‘controlled mayhem,’” Grage quips. “It’s endless on the marketing side and we are always looking into the trade shows such as the Olympia and Arnold Classic expos.”

High Intensity for Executive Power With James Grage, the CEO of Fitness

Training Schedule

Monday: Cardio, chest, abs
Tuesday: Cardio, back, traps
Wednesday: Cardio, legs
Thursday: Cardio, abs, shoulders, calves
Friday: Cardio, biceps, triceps
Saturday and Sunday: Varies between a 20-mile road bike ride and a 4-mile walk

  • The exercises and amount of sets depends on Grage’s energy level that particular day. “I freestyle it,” he says.
  • Instead of resting in between sets, Grage keeps it at a high-intensity level and will jump rope.
  • Grage trains with lighter weights than he used earlier in his life, but still gets the same result by utilizing the mind-muscle connection and squeezing each rep.
  • His rep range is usually 15 for the first set, and then he adds weight for 12 reps and again adds weight for 10. “My definition of 10 reps may be different than someone else’s,” he adds. “I may do eight and then push out two more passed my comfort level.”

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