Abs, Super Bowl XLVIII Weather & My Wardrobe

Shannon Sharpe - Abs, Super Bowl XLVIII Weather & My Wardrobe


Working your abs is a very important part of a training routine and I never shortchange them at the gym. I start out with a three-man rotation of an exercise on the ab bench and using an 18-pound medicine ball. The first guy will lie on the bench and his partner for the movement will throw the med ball at him on his way down. Then on the way up, he throws it back to his partner. We will do three rounds of 50, 40 and then 30 reps each. This gives us a great start to the body part.

Next, we will do four rounds of weighted rope crunches that work the abs and obliques by doing a twist movement and touching the elbow to the opposite knee while crouching on the floor. Here’s how it goes:

*100 pounds, 25 reps to each side (50 total)
*120 pounds, 20 reps to each side (40 total)
*130 pounds, 15 reps to each side (30 total)
*140 pounds, 10 reps to each side (20 total)
*180-to-200 pounds – 4 sets straight crunches (75, 50, 40, 25 reps)

Shannon Sharpe - Abs, Super Bowl XLVIII Weather & My WardrobeThe last movement we do is three-to-four rounds (20-to-25 reps each) of V-ups on a bench with that same 18-pound medicine ball overhead.


There has been so much debate over how the Super Bowl will be effected by the cold and possible precipitation on February 2 at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, but let’s look at it a different way for once.

This year’s NFL playoffs had some real bad weather games but the players were still able to have some outstanding performances. The cold in Green Bay and the rain in New England didn’t stop the teams from executing then, so it shouldn’t be that big of a deal come SB XLVIII.

We even had some inclement weather during the regular season and the heavy snow in Philadelphia is the first one that comes to mind (Week 14). LeSean McCoy still ran for over 200 yards that day in the 34-20 win against Detroit.

Shannon Sharpe - Abs, Super Bowl XLVIII Weather & My WardrobeBut what I do hate is that we might have to talk about the weather. You want the two teams to decide the outcome and not have to worry about the temperature or snow – just line up and play. But at some point, we’re going to have to talk about it. The first week of February in New York/New Jersey, it’s going to be cold and possibly some precipitation.

As far as either the Broncos or Seahawks having an advantage, it’s cold in Denver – especially later in the season – so it’s hard for me not to believe that they do not have a decided advantage. It rains a lot in Seattle, but it’s not as cold.


I wear my clothes; I don’t let the clothes wear me. And I don’t pick what I choose to wear with the intent of thinking what someone else will think about it. I just put it on and forget about it. It’s like if you’re wearing jeans and a T-shirt; you don’t constantly look at it. I’m the same way with my suits.

And I really don’t care when I read negative remarks about my wardrobe on Twitter. There are only three people’s opinions that I do care about – Les Moonves (Chariman and CEO of CBS), Sean McManus (Chairman CBS Sports) and my three producers. They need to like what I’m wearing and they have never had a problem with it.

My mom, girlfriend or my sister – they don’t like it sometimes but they don’t get a vote. I have yet to hear one of my bosses say that in 10 years. So until then, I’m going to wear what I like.

Photos by Per Bernal

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