Clear High Heels & On the Lookout For a Fit Man

NPC Bikini Competitor Ting Wang Has a Bright Future

Clear High Heels & On the Lookout For a Fit Man - NPC Bikini Competitor Ting Wang Has a Bright Future
1 – You are such a great athlete and obviously take your gym time serious. But if ‘Mr. Right’ (or a real hot guy who may turn out to be) approached you at the gym for some small talk, would you blow him off or engage in it?

I do take my gym time seriously, but I can always make time for a hot guy, ha!

2 – Do you feel that you are missing out on a lot of fun partying because of your commitment to fitness? Sure, it’s our entire goal in this industry to look and feel great, but we are human, after all, and having some late night fun is something that we all enjoy.

Work, fitness and personal life balance is really important to me. Although I’m pretty strict with my training and diet on the weekdays, I definitely let loose a bit on the weekends unless I’m prepping for a photo shoot. I just can’t give up trying new restaurants and drinking draft beer, and I’m okay with that. Rather than committing myself 100% to fitness, I like to think that I’m committing myself to an overall healthy, balanced, enjoyable and sustainable lifestyle.

Clear High Heels & On the Lookout For a Fit Man - NPC Bikini Competitor Ting Wang Has a Bright Future3 – What’s your type: bodybuilder or Male Physique Division competitor, and why? Have you dated either or both?

I’d be open to dating both types. I can appreciate and respect the effort behind working to be a bodybuilder and a male physique competitor. Both types would certainly catch my eye. Unfortunately, I’ve dated neither type. Where ya’ll at?

4 – Contest prep can be a bitch. What do you do to wind down after the show is said and done?

I harness my inner ‘Fat Bastard’ and eat until I’m pregnant with triplet food babies. Then I get a relaxing foot massage.

5 – Before you began competing in bikini, did you ever have aspirations to enter a different category, such as physique, fitness, figure or bodybuilding?

I considered competing in the figure division, but the level of muscularity required to be competitive is not something that currently appeals to me.

6 – Being in such amazing shape, is it cool when you get stares from both men and women in public?

I don’t have a problem with it unless it feels intrusive and inappropriate. Most of the time, it keeps me feeling confident and motivated. So, feel free to stare. I work hard for this physique!

Clear High Heels & On the Lookout For a Fit Man - NPC Bikini Competitor Ting Wang Has a Bright Future7 – Do you find it easier living in Los Angeles where the weather is so nice to stay in better shape year ‘round? And how does that play into your contest prep planning?

Definitely. Training in the gym every day can get repetitive, so I like to exercise outdoor when I can. The LA weather makes it convenient to be able to train outdoor year ‘round. I can hike, swim, run, sprint and play with fitness equipment in parks almost every weekend. The weather doesn’t pose any challenges for contest prep, which is a plus.

8 – Let’s face it – all guys drool over the clear high heels that bikini competitors wear on stage. Have you ever been requested by a significant other to wear them in more private situations?

I neither confirm nor deny!

9 – Describe the feeling of placing second at the NPC San Diego and qualifying for the Nationals?

The whole experience felt surreal and I was thrilled that I placed second. It was pleasantly surprising to have done so well at my first competition. I was incredibly proud of myself for not face-planting or freezing on stage with thousands of eyes on me, which were my two biggest fears. If interested, you can read about Ting Wang’s bikini competition experience in detail.

10 – What’s ahead for you in this industry? How many years do you see yourself competing?

Currently, my plan is to expand my presence in the fitness industry. Social media, blogging, YouTube videos and collaborations with other figures in the industry are some of the means in which I’m utilizing to get more exposure. I’m building my portfolio, attending fitness events, and reaching out to various organizations for potential partnerships as well. In order to educate and motivate at scale, I understand that I need to get my name out. I’m putting bikini competitions on hold for the time being so I can focus on branding and work on building a more ideal physique, primed for competition.



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