FitnessRx Interview – Logan Franklin

Training Tips, Workouts, Daily Meal Plan & More


Name: Logan Franklin
Age: 23
Height: 5’11
Weight: 195lbs

How did you get started training with weight training?
I started working out when I was 14 years old in my dad’s home gym. I was a smaller kid and just didn’t want to get picked on by anybody who thought they were better than me because they were more built than me. My dad was pretty big into working out, and I just wanted to be better.

Logan Franklin - Training Tips, Workouts, Daily Meal Plan & More

Were you athletic growing up?
I played football from 7th grade until my senior year in high school, baseball until my sophomore year and raced motocross until my senior year.
You were in the military. How did the discipline you learned there translate to what you are doing now?
When I was in the military I was constantly being pushed to better myself, and the brothers I had around me. Being disciplined helps you focus on what actually needs to be done and doing what is right – even when no one is watching. I always try to do the right thing and help people the best I can by motivating them and helping them where I can. I am disciplined in the gym and to living a healthy lifestyle because 
I don’t miss workouts and I train until the job is done! I eat the proper nutrients and don’t stray far from my diet.

Logan Franklin - Training Tips, Workouts, Daily Meal Plan & More

What are your 3 favorite exercises and why?
I honestly don’t know. I love working out and achieving the pump in every muscle group. I’m always mixing my workouts up to constantly confuse my muscles so I can get better and better every time I train without getting bored!

Well, if you could only choose three – which three would you recommend to someone who is just starting out?
If, for the rest of my life, I could only choose three exercises these are the three I would choose:

  1. Squat
  2. Incline Dummbell Press
  3. Lat Pulldown


How would you describe your approach to training?
My training mostly consist of weight training, Idk if its new or old school! I just train hard and do whatever I can to challenge myself.

What is your favorite intensity technique and why?
When I start to prepare for a competition or a photo shoot I want
 to be in top shape with the best muscle definition and striations as 
I possibly can have. I believe getting shredded takes a good diet and intensity in the gym. When I aim for an intense workout I do nothing less than 12 reps with heavy weight and then do drop set for the extra burn. You’ve got to burn in them cuts!

Logan Franklin - Training Tips, Workouts, Daily Meal Plan & More

What is a typical weekly training split for you?
I don’t have set days for workouts because I don’t often take any days off and my workout split is only five days long. It goes:

Day 1: Chest/Triceps/Abs
Day 2: Back/Biceps/Calves
Day 3: Arms/Abs
Day 4: Shoulders/Abs
Day 5: Legs

Which body part is the most fun for you to train?
If I had to choose I would say chest. Because it makes me feel huge and everyone loves having a big chest!


Exercise Sets Reps
Incline Dumbbell Press 4 12-15
Decline Barbell 4 12-15
Incline Hamerstrength 4 12-15
Flat Dumbbell 4 12-15
Cable Flyes 4 12-15
Dips 4 To Failure

What are a few nutrition “Do’s” and “Don’ts” you have learned over the years?
Drink lot of water, don’t smoke or drink and get plenty of sleep.


Meal Nutrition Source
Meal 1 9 egg whites, 4 tbs Quaker Oats
Meal 2 7oz top sirloin, 7oz white rice
Meal 3 7oz chicken breast, 7oz white potato
Meal 4 Whey protein shake, 1 slice Ezekiel bread
Meal 5
7oz chicken breast, 7oz white potato
Meal 6 5 egg whites, 1 packet of oatmeal


What supplements do you take?

Whey protein and a pre-workout.

When you are in a leaning out phase, what cardio works best for you?
I like walking on the Stairmaster on Level 7 for 40 minutes a day. It’s the best in my opinion! But if I’m doing HIIT cardio, I would do sled sprints and tire flips. If I was going to do HIIT it would be short bursts – I wouldn’t really time it – just do short bursts as hard as I could for about 15, 20, 30-second bursts. In the military we used to do 60/120s – 60 seconds of sprints and 120 seconds of walking. For people that can’t sprint for 60 seconds, they could do 30/60. So pretty much for amount of time doing I’m doing high intensity work, I would double that amount of time to recover and rest.

Logan Franklin - Training Tips, Workouts, Daily Meal Plan & More

How important is cardio to you?
I believe that cardio is really important when I’m trying to stay lean or get ready for a shoot or competition. I do cardio every day after my workout for about 40 minutes whenever I’m leaning out. Get the heart rate up and burn off those bad calories and drink a lot of water – all of that goes hand-in-hand and helps raise the metabolism.

What motivates you to get to the gym every day and stay on point with your nutrition?
My motivation is my obsession with being the best I can possibly be! I want to be the best in this sport and I know that if I halfway work myself, there’s always going to be someone killing it harder than me! The only place where your dreams become impossible is in your own mind.


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