Leather & Lace

TNA Wrestling Knockout Brooke Adams Kills Both

Leather & Lace - TNA Wrestling Knockout Brooke Adams Kills Both
1 – In addition to wrestling, you have also had great success in the modeling industry. You have won two prestigious modeling titles (Hawaiian Tropic, Hooters) where only the best of the best are even considered. How hard is it to not be brash about all of this? And feel free to do just that, as we feel it is well deserved.

To me it is an honor to be able to grace the stage and to be in the ring with such beautiful women from all across the world. Like me, these women are not only sexy, beautiful and breathtaking, but also very talented and smart.

I take pride in who I am and what I have accomplished. Now before I go out in the ring, and when I was doing modeling competitions before my number was called, I get this high then I just explode with energy. I love rockin’ the ring and the stage – having all eyes on me!

2 – Your official website has a litany of hot photos, some wearing different styles of lingerie. Tell us antsy fellas if you feel different wearing…let’s say the color black with a dominatrix look compared to the innocence that is white lace?

One thing I absolutely love about modeling is it’s a way I can express myself. Express my mood, different sides of Brooke, what I like, and I get to be more intimate. I can be anything I want. I can be fun and playful, innocent, or sultry. I am definitely a huge fan of the edgy dark colors. I am a very dominant person naturally. I am independent and strong natured. By wearing black and leather I feel strong, fierce, supreme and forceful.

On the other side of the spectrum I also love to be sweet and innocent by wearing maybe pigtails, a cut off tank and booty shorts. When I am wearing lace I feel gentle and more like your girl next door. It makes me feel so much more seductive and sweet. I feel like I can make all your dreams come true in lace.

Leather & Lace - TNA Wrestling Knockout Brooke Adams Kills Both3 – Sticking with the photos, there are a few where you are in the company of another beautiful woman, black leather and chains included in one. How hot was that photo shoot?

Because I am such a fan of this style shoot it stands out to me as one of my all-time favorite. All the TNA Knockouts, who you can see each Thursday night on IMPACT WRESTLING on Spike TV at 9 p.m. ET, really brought it for that shoot. And I know I can speak for men here – we blew that particular shot out of the water. It was so powerful!! Imagine being a fly on the wall when we were at that shoot with such beautiful strong women all in one photo. So hot, so sexy!

4 – One of your signature moves is the Asstastic (or Stink Face). I wouldn’t be going out on a limb by saying that each and every one of our readers would pay top dollar to have you do that to them. Have you ever been complemented by one of your fellow TNA Knockouts (or perhaps a male wrestler) back stage after doing it in a match?

Ha ha, I’d be in a multi-million dollar mansion if I had $5 for every person that asked me to lay the ASSTASSTIC on him or her. Several men and women backstage have complemented me. Most just expressing how awesome or funny they think it is. It was definitely shocking to everyone the first time I performed this. I can’t say everyone loves to receive it, but a few really like it, and they know who they are! I know I have a very nice heinie…. why should I not flaunt it and embrace it? Hey, I’m just giving the fans a lil’ bit of what they want, right?

Leather & Lace - TNA Wrestling Knockout Brooke Adams Kills Both5 – You have a twin sister Brittaney, which is hard to actually fathom (the sheer beauty). Has she followed in your footsteps at all career-wise?

My twin sister and I are like night and day; couldn’t be any more different from one another bot in looks and our goals. She is a blonde haired green eyes natural beauty who loves the simple life. She is very reserved and shy. But definitely can’t be mistaken as a pushover. She was never interested in being an athlete, rather is more interested in making people laugh and enjoying time with friends. She is a mom to my darling niece Kya and is also going to school full time to be an anesthesiologist. She is still my biggest fan and never misses seeing me each week on IMPACT. We do have the same sense of humor and are crazy jokesters together.

6 – You are one hell of a ‘pet person,’ to put it mildly. Let us know just how many animals you have and what they are.

I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember. I used to go outside as a kid and catch snakes, frogs and lizards. Total tomboy. I’d go to the creek and spend hours digging up mud puppies, and then I’d bring them home because I wanted them all close by. I’ve had tons of cats and dogs, ferrets, bunnies, birds, lizards, snakes, horses, turtles and more over the years.

Now I have two dogs. One is Jawz, a smooth coat Brussels Griffon, who is my most beloved pet. He has been with me since 2005 and has traveled with me on the road all over the States. He is borderline obsessed with me and doesn’t adapt well when I leave for a trip. My other puppy is Ozzy. He is a Blue Pitbull Bully. He is super protective and allows no one into my bedroom. You couldn’t bat a hand toward me if you planned on keeping it. So if you want to win me over, you might want to try him first :). He is truly the biggest baby and wouldn’t harm a soul unless being protective of me. I also have two exotic Persian cats, Mooshi (blue) and Dexter (orange tabby). And to round it out, I have a palomino quarter-horse named Princess Barbie and a ball python snake named Cleopatra. I can’t remember a time I didn’t have this passion and love for animals. I regularly donate to my local shelter and rescues, and I strongly encourage others to as well.

Leather & Lace - TNA Wrestling Knockout Brooke Adams Kills Both7 – What is the most shocking thing that a wrestling fan has either said or done to you?

O my… if i could only tell you the things I’ve been told by fans. Let me just say most do not hold back. Many of the comments I get are the farthest thing from PG and surely aren’t appropriate to repeat. Perhaps one of the craziest things I’ve been asked by a fan is to send him a vile of … (I will let you guess the rest). UMMMMM WHOA…. WHOA!

8 – You consider yourself a “professional mechanical bull rider.” What was your toughest one and was there any payoff at the end?

In Texas the rodeo is huge and bull riding is just one of my many talents! There are tons of mechanical bulls at fairs and saloons. I’ve been around them since I was a kid. I first got into a contest at a local fair when I was 17 years. I won $200 that night. I’ve won anywhere from $200-$2500!! YES, $2,500 by just riding a bull!! The toughest was at a rodeo sponsored event. I beat out 23 other contestants, both men and women. It’s all in the legs and hips baby!

9 – Do you have any ex-boyfriends (that obviously screwed up because they are in that category) that you now laugh about because you are a sex symbol that is on television every week?

I honestly don’t think of past ex’s. That’s why they are exes. Their opinion of me no longer matters and they know they could never have me again. I can say that I do get pleasure out of being looked at as a man’s dream. Success is the sweetest revenge…especially when it comes with attention.

Leather & Lace - TNA Wrestling Knockout Brooke Adams Kills Both10 – How do you stay so physically fit traveling so much? Working out and eating healthy cannot be easy tasks with your schedule.

It is really tough. But after doing it for so long it’s a way of life. If there is a will there is a way. On the road training is a bit harder but taking an extra 20 minutes to cook food and pack it makes all the difference. I never leave for a trip without bringing my 1st Phorm protein and supplements. You can make a protein shake anywhere! Airport food is usually the worst. So by packing food I am prepared in case I am stuck.

There is almost always a gym or hotel gym that is open 24 hours, so I get my workouts in before heading to the arena for the IMPACT Live show. And if I can’t hit the gym I work out in my hotel room or at the arena. I bring resistant bands with me on every trip. I can do so much with my legs and glutes just in my hotel room or any open space. Abs can be done anywhere, too!! You don’t need weights and a gym to workout. There are so many workouts you can do by just using your body weight.

When I am at home, I destroy it. Because am often on the road I need to get the best of my training when I have it available. I eat a high protein and mild carb diet. I get skinny pretty fast. I love to run and bike at least 2 times a week. Doing a good warm up in the sauna is another favorite of mine, as it gets me sweating and pumped up. I try and eat every 2 ½-3 hrs. to keep my metabolism up.



Photos by Lee South (TNA Entertainment) and Tracy Hicks Photography


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