My Nightly Ab Routine

My Nightly Ab Routine
It doesn’t take a keen observer to know that abs are one of those muscle groups people just can’t get enough of when it comes to training, improving and getting dialed in. It’s been that way for a long time and I’m definitely in the group who is always impressed when I see someone who has a peeled midsection and is rocking thick abs.

Since I first started training and did my first crunch, I’ve strived to achieve ripped abs. I wanted them when I was a competitive athlete, and I sure as hell wanted them in my pursuit to becoming a big-time magazine cover guy one day. Without abs, you’re going nowhere in that industry. So I knew I had to dial them in, make them a strength, and make them stand out.

My Nightly Ab RoutineWell, I guess you could say it has been mission accomplished. I have been featured on multiple magazine covers available all over the world, including FitnessRx for Men. A lot of that success has to do with having a peeled-in midsection and thick abs that stand out from other people. I’ve worked hard to turn them into a definite strength— and obviously diet is hugely critical as well— but I wanted to pass on a simple ab routine I do each night before I go to bed. It’s been highly beneficial to me and it’s something you can easily implement each night.

My beautiful wife came up with the perfect name, too, as she’ll always ask, “Honey, are you ‘Abbing’ tonight?” That usually means, yes, I’ll be on the floor for 10 to 20 minutes trying to get those abs straight nasty. I’m also the weirdo who has the following lying beside his bed: a 25-pound plate, an ab wheel and a broomstick.

But the payoff is worth it. So with those tools in hand, let’s get to my nightly “abbing” routine, which includes 300-500 total reps nightly.
My Nightly Ab Routine

Abbing Nightly Tri-Set (300-500 reps total)

Regular Crunches (with feet elevated on bed): 25 reps
Weighted Crunches (25-pound plate behind head, feet elevated on bed): 25 reps
Ab Wheel: 10-15 reps
Repeat for 5-10 sets

It’s pretty straightforward but it’s also highly effective. My stomach and abs always seem to show and stand out, even when my body fat reaches a bit higher level, and that’s because my abs are really thick from all the weighted work I do each night. It’s also worth mentioning I train my lower back every day after my “#Upearlytotrain” workout also, and that’s made a big difference, too. We train it for volume as well, and it usually looks something like this:

Roman Chair: 3 sets of 30-50 reps
GHD Raises: 3-4 sets of max reps (really works the lower posterior chain)

I increase the intensity with my nightly ab routine as I get closer to my meet or photo shoot, but those are the basics. It can definitely help and if done consistently, it can definitely pay major dividends in making your midsection a strong point.

A consistent approach is a great plan of attack, and before long you’ll have abs that will draw attention— all with just a little work before bed.

Happy Abbing!

Photos by Per Bernal

Cory Gregory

Cory Gregory co-founded MusclePharm with Brad Pyatt in 2008 and serves as Executive Vice President. A former underground coal miner, Gregory worked diligently to save money to realize his dream of opening his own gym by the age of 20. In the last 15 years, he has gained extensive experience and has received a number of accolades within several aspects of the fitness industry. Obtaining an Exercise Specialist certificate from Columbus State, Gregory is also NESTA nutrition coach certified and Westside Barbell certified. In addition to his in-depth knowledge of bodybuilding and nutrition, he is a CrossFit Level-1 trainer further helping MusclePharm’s athletes and ambassadors achieve their fitness goals. Gregory prides himself on embodying the Musclepharm culture, as he has been featured on the cover of top fitness magazines, including FitnessRx. Weighing just 208 pounds, he has achieved a powerlifting total of 1,755 pounds, culminating in a career-best 700-pound squat. Most recently, Gregory was added to the Arnold Schwarzenegger Fitness Advisory Board.

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