The 15-Minute Ripped Abs Workout

How do you lose that extra layer off your belly? You know that “spare tire” or the little bit of love that keeps hanging around the bottom of your stomach.

Well, you need two things:

• A great quick ab workout that you can do anywhere (you have to do this often)
• One bad ass nutrition plan.

The nutrition plan? That’s coming soon, so you can check that later. First, here’s a sure-fire way to get a ripped stomach workout! This quick ab workout can be done anywhere and requires almost zero equipment All you need is a softer surface and some DRIVE!

Ready to get some ripped abs? Let’s get it!

The 15-Minute Ripped Abs Workout


You will go through each triset in the typical A-B-C fashion. The first round perform each exercise for 30 seconds. Then you will:

• Rest for 30 seconds before starting round 2
• The second round you will go for 20 seconds at each exercise
• Rest for 20 seconds before starting round 3
• The third round you will go for 10 seconds at each exercise
• Done! Rest 1 minute then move on to the next triset

So, triset #1 (see below) will look like this:

• Sit-Through
• Rest 30 seconds
• Then 30 seconds of Rockers
• Rest 30 seconds
• Then 30 seconds of Feet-Elevated Mini Crunch

Then the same thing all over again just 20 seconds at each. Then the same thing one more time for 10 seconds each.

Get it? Good.


• Sit Through
• Rocker
• Feet-Elevated Mini Crunch


• Windshield Washers
• Feet Elevated Plank Up
• Stability Ball Step Off Knee Tuck


• Plank Hip Dip
• Dowel Bent Toe Touch
• Around the World Mt. Climber


• Side Plank Right Leg Lever
• Seated Backstroke
• Side Plank Left Leg Lever


15 minutes is all you need to get ripped abs!

Plug this quick ab workout to get your stomach ripped into your routine at least two times a week and you will soon see some bad ass abs in the mirror.

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Ben Boudro, MS, CSCS

Ben Boudro is a former Division I college wrestler, fitness junkie, husband, dad and dog lover with a passion for fitness through strength and conditioning. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with a bachelor’s and Master of Science degree in kinesiology, and the owner of Xceleration Fitness. Ben has helped millions of people unleash their inner beast through fitness, take control of their lives and believes: “The sky is the limit, and I live my life to one common theme: You can either wait for success to come to you or you can chase it … CHASE IT!” Instagram Twitter Facebook

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