Yoga – NFL Style

Jets DB Brett Lockett Uses Bikram Style

Yoga – NFL Style - Jets DB Brett Lockett Uses Bikram Style
To stand out in a league full of standouts, you need to think out of the box. Just doing the ‘norm’ may get you by for stretch of time, but sticking on an NFL roster in today’s game is an accomplishment in itself.

Yoga – NFL Style - Jets DB Brett Lockett Uses Bikram StyleSo for Bret Lockett, that meant becoming diverse in his training – and mindset.

“My offseason training and diet program is very regimented,” says New York Jets defensive back Brett Lockett, who has also played for the New England Patriots and Cleveland Browns. “I work out four to five days a week and mix it up with CrossFit, weight training, boxing, field work and Bikram yoga, which helps tremendously with not only my flexibility, but also my positive thinking.”

Bikram Choudhury is the founder of the Bikram Yoga System, which became popular in the early 1970s. All classes run 90 minutes and the participants will perform a series of 26 postures and two breathing exercises. But the kicker is that the room is heated to the extreme and also includes high humidity.

“It ranges anywhere from 95 to 120 degrees and that allows you to sweat out all the negative toxins in your body,” explains Lockett. “I do it at least once, if not twice, every week and it has turned my life around as an athlete from not only a physical standpoint, but a mental one, as well.”

Fueling his body with a primarily high protein diet that includes a good amount of vegetables and fast burning carbohydrates has also helped Lockett in his quest to become an NFL regular. The former Bruin is used to performing under pressure, having played collegiately at a big program at UCLA.

“Playing with and against the bets athletes in football, huge rivalry games and big wins on national television,” he recalls. “It was everything that you could dream of.”

Lockett has suffered some bad luck injuries as a professional but is healthy now and ready to go. Not only would the Jets benefit from keeping this man around, but the public will, as well. You see, Lockett gives the term ‘giving back’ special meaning.

“I realized at a young age that the only thing in life that matters is being able to make other people happy, which in turn is the biggest reward ever,” says Lockett. “I established the Looking Forward Foundation four years ago to give back to the inner city youths by bringing positive role models into their communities. This will be my fourth free football camp and the second time that I am collaborating with Snoop Dog and his youth football league.”

And if he wasn’t busy enough, Lockett also is involved in the film and music industries with his creation of Inception Entertainment.

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