You Can Have Abs Like a Fitness Model

Exercises for a Ripped 6-Pack

Jason Poston didn’t always have great abs. Like everything else, they took a lot of work.

“When I first began weight training, I did have abs, but they weren’t fitness model abs,” Poston says. “I relied on explosive, functional movements and diet,” says Poston, 32. “Doing overhead squats and a lot of cross training worked them enough.”

The Fitness Model Ab Workout

But a back injury forced the 5-foot-10, 208-pounder to alter his training, and that meant adding abs back to the repertoire. “I was unable to do a lot of those heavier compound lifts so I had to go back to doing the isolation exercises (for abs).”

Today, Poston is one of the most successful competitors in the IFBB’s Men’s Physique division. He trains abs four times a week, either in the morning after cardio or after his weight training workouts.

The Fitness Model Ab Workout


• I use a 25-pound plate for the weighted glute/hamstring sit-ups.

• For hanging leg raises, I usually go up to a 90-degree angle but make sure that I curl my abs upward and extend my belly button towards my chest. If you just raise your legs, you’re basically working just the hip flexors.

• When doing dragon flags, the most important thing is to keep your body straight. This should be the hardest movement in the entire program— if done right!”

The Fitness Model Ab Workout

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