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Every job has its perks. Take the fitness industry, for instance. Guys like videographer Pouyan Pard and photographer Dave Laus get to collaborate on projects that include the likes of Bunny Azzopardi, the lovely young lady that you will be watching on the below video very shortly – if you haven’t already.

But hopefully you were patient enough to read this beforehand because Azzopardi’s bio will make you appreciate her sexiness even more:

“I am a mom of three boys who just over a year ago never thought I’d be doing this. Competing in fitness competitions would not have even been on my list of things to do. Not because I didn’t think it was amazing, but because I didn’t think “I” could do it. Discipline and confidence have never been my strongest attributes, not to mention the fact that I have always been kind of a tomboy at heart. My days are literally spent surrounded by testosterone. Not only at home, but bringing the boys to boxing and MMA almost everyday of the week.

I had always worked out at the gym just to stay in shape. It wasn’t until someone had introduced me to my trainer that I had even considered giving this a shot. Now here I am. I owe my biggest thanks to the whole team at Bodytech Fitness for showing me that I can do this and helping me make such unforgettable life changes. It’s not even about winning; it’s about knowing that when you want something that bad and you put you’re all into it anything is possible!”

Twitter: @Bunnyazzopardi
Instagram: @bunslykaboss
Facebook: BunnyAzzopardiFitnessModel

Bunny Azzopardi from Pouyan Fard on Vimeo.

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Produced by Pouyan Fard. Be sure to visit his official website, www.PouyanFard.com

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